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You Ask. I Gladly Answer.

I am a new student, what should I know?

All new students must book a minimum of 3 lessons before doing one offs. I have created package deals to make this easier for you. You can find them here. If you are unable to book all 3 lessons within the month of purchasing the package, then I suggest you book them separately here. Either way, I will not allow the lesson to take place unless I confirm that a package was paid for or 3 individual lessons have been booked. I also ask that you to take a moment to read over all the FAQ found on this page, as I answer common questions. 

Why do new students have to book a minimum of 3 lessons?

I understand that things like this may not always be a good fit. I ask for 3 days because this gives us time to get acclimated. Many times, on the first day, the student is fearful of the water or the things we maybe doing and leave class linking me to the fear and not want to come back. I've noticed by the 3rd day, the students seem to understand what's expected and understand that I am there to help.

Why do packages have to be used within the same month of purchase?

Mainly, accounting. It becomes harder to track how much was made per month when someone buys a package in April and doesn't use it until May. This is why this rule has been set and it is made very clear on every package page. 
All packages will give you a 30 day limit to use from purchase date, but I will not honor that as 30 days from today could very well be into another month, and therefore throws off the accounting. Every first of the month the bookings will be open for that month only and all packages purchased the month prior will be null & void.

How can I use the monthly plan?

Once you purchase a plan and create your account your prepaid classes will be linked. To redeem, make sure you are logged in and head to the booking calendar, click the appropriate options, below the form you should see that it has been prepaid and how many lessons remain. ALL MONTHLY PLANS MUST BE USED WITHIN SAME MONTH OF PURCHASE.

What ages do you teach?

No one is too young or too old! We all need to be able to swim and I'm here to help.

We do not have a pool, can we come to you?

Los Angeles - You can definitely come to me in Westchester. The pool is heated, but if the student tends to be on the colder side, then a wet suit is still highly suggested. The pool water doesn’t use harsh chemicals or salt. It instead uses osmosis where metals create its own chlorine to keep the water clean and safe. Soft on the skin without a harsh chlorine smell or salt to the eyes. There is also a jacuzzi and an outdoor bathroom with shower.

London - At this time, I do not have access to a pool for us to use. You would have to provide this.

Do you offer group lessons or split lessons?

I do not. I also will not split 1 lesson between 2 students as this doesn't give me enough time with each one. I prefer to teach one on one so the most progress can be made in the shortest amount of time.

What's the youngest you've taught?

I've taught as young as 18 months. It is best to get them in as young as possible so they don't fear the water as they get older. If you are looking for fast progress I would suggest to wait until they can communicate better and have stronger muscles. I do offer a student pace option that would be feasible for the younger ones.

Difference between Fast Learning & Students Pace

Fast learning is for students that are ready to be challenged and need to become pool safe in a short period of time. Students pace is more laid back and I don't push the student as much. We will be taking our time and easing into everything.

Should I sit and watch or come in the pool?

I would prefer parents to give us our space. A lot of times, students get distracted or can be shy and don't preform as well. Also this gives us a way to show you what we have been working on when you do come back. 
If a parent insists on staying around, that is fine, however if the student becomes too distracted, I will ask you to step away.

Can I come into the water?

No. Students learn best when they are not distracted.

What should I bring with me?

Your swim suit and a wet suit if it's too cold. I can provide everything else the student would need during class.

Are goggles allowed?

I do not allow goggles in my class until the student shows they are pool safe. This is because we need to get comfortable opening our eyes in the water incase we ever fall in, we'll know where the wall is.

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