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Testimonials: Testimonials

Lauren M.

Coach Rasha is simply The Best!  She literally got our 4 year old swimming in 7 days. Within 14 days I can honestly say she could go in our pool without me hovering. My daughter was water safe and I felt 100% ok watching her from a chair. Within 7 days she was water safe. 14 days she was diving down alone to get toys, jumping in non stop and swimming from end to end of the pool (our pool is 30 ft by 10 ft). Granted we did make a big effort to get in with her once she started swimming with CR but CR was instrumental in getting our daughter to swim. I'd crack the slider so I could listen in on the lessons so I'd know where to pick up when our lessons were done. My daughter loved her. Super sweet/warm but also firm enough to teach and get the job done. I did not attempt teach my daughter myself. I did not want to teach bad habits and felt it was best to leave it to the pros. I'm glad I did. Less stressful for everyone! I will say our focus of just getting her comfortable on the water, always keeping it fun, not scary, getting her comfortable with getting her face wet, etc. I'm sure all helped with progress. Coach Rasha quickly got us over the hump of puddle jumper to swimming. I'm so relieved my daughter can swim now. It's been a month and she easily will stay in the pool for 2.5 hours. CR was always on time (if not early) which was fine by us. She's also offered to FT if needed if we have any questions. Right now we are just continuing to work on what we learned and we 100% will sign up for more lessons next year when my daughter is a little older and can absorb more.  PS. I had heard stories about ultra firm teachers which I felt really mixed about. I was REALLY happy with CRs demeanor. It makes a huge difference. We are so grateful that got our daughter swimming quickly and painlessly. My daughter LOVES SWIMMING!!

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